Terms of usage

I hereby agree to the following terms:

Medplus is only a channel for sale and delivery of the goods and does not give any warranty as to whether or not the drugs/goods are fit for purpose but shall use its best endeavours to ensure that only genuine quality drugs/goods are dispensed to customers.

The customer has a duty to provide an accurate and existing address. Medplus shall not be liable in the event that the address provided is inaccurate or fictitious and the customer shall be liable for extra costs for delivery in the event that the customer gives a wrong or ambiguous address.

That the customer agrees to be bound by the payment terms and conditions of the payment gateway providers and the general procedure of the Medplus website.

The customer agrees that goods paid for whether or not same have been delivered cannot be cancelled or stopped.

Where appropriate prescription might be requested before drug sale, the customer shall be solely liable in the event of presenting a fake prescription.

Medplus bears no responsibility for the genuineness or otherwise of the prescription presented by the customer and the customer understands that the site is strictly for commercial activities and not responsible for prescription or consultation.

Customer acknowledge that in order to  purchase Medplus products online, in-store or other sales channel, you must provide us with correct and updated Personal Information.

Customer acknowledges and agree that We may use, process, store and transfer your Personal Information in order to –

a. comply with applicable laws and regulatory requirements;

b. Send promotional messages in form of SMS. Rich Media SMS, Email, or any other marketing channels